Moving Image

Sporadic and Sun-like beyond belief
It’s like today with vivante!
Glow and wind

[note: this is old and ugly text that i should reword]

Credited to Stanley Kubrick and dated 2001 [A Space Odyssey] (sic) is not so much in homage to Kubrick, but is a misappropriation or a digression of his film. It borrows from it an anxiety of the conscious machine, a machine built by a flawed ape.

It’s purposefully dysfunctional in its structures and sequences. The title it shows isn’t right or readable, and the artist is false. (Sic) in a written or printed text tells that an odd or questionable reading is accurate, or that a misspelling is correct.

The first sequence is from the classic screen saver Dancing Lines or Mystify Your Mind. There’s two of them gracefully and agitatedly moving about inside the box, like a mating dance or in a search to find a way out. A networked chicken lays an egg, and whistles triumphantly. A bitstreamed landscape moves by without much reason.

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