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Studies for a New Work
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A series of studies in Flash experimenting with user navigation and mechanical reaction. Each study is brought to its own individual resolution, then is continued to be worked upon as the beginning point of the next study. The result is an intuitive growth of steady complexity: a body of work based on inheritance and generation.

The premise is that of a pinball game machine, where limited user input initiates unpredicted but logical mechanical response. The cursor is blind in all studies, causing the user to relate to the work itself rather than with its internal systems of scripted reaction.

Although the creative process is undetermined, the desired outcome is to produce a final work that after many generations could be shown as a single work on the web or in a gallery.

Each study is shown for a limited time only. The current study posted is Generation 2.

The following is a Macromedia Shockwave file, you will need Macromedia Flash Player Version 5 or later installed on your computer to view it.

View Studies for a New Work: Generation 2
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