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2002 -
Interlayers for the Internet
(Compatible with Windows IE only)

Interlayers for the Internet, Luke Duncalfe

  Interlay, Interleave, Interline: Interlayers for the Internet is a project of remote collaboration between this artist, that artist, and the Internet.

Born from a tangential approach to discussions of the Interface experience and its issues of control and influence on our every computer-based action, Interlayers for the Internet is a series of mini-works of net.art that attempt to draw gentle attention to the presence of the Interface and to provoke a separation to occur between its systems of influence and control. They exist to delineate the hegemony hard-wired into the visual language that formats your computer-based experiences with every refresh.

The works operate by lining the front of the browser window with a small plane containing a vector drawing / animation and then projecting mini-works into this unique realm of imagined Internet-space; a space that occurs in-between the user and their interface, one that creates a small gap for arbitration between two entities.

The collaboratory aspect of this project provides a means for artists and designers to add an unexpected element to their work that is sourced from outside of their native design, an addition that can then intervene with the intention of their designed interface in a conscious tactic that will subtly disrupt their own systems of designerly control and the unconscious reproduction of the visual hegemony of a website. The Interlayer is resident within the code, but lies outside the consciousness of the website and browser's design.


Exhibitions & showings

QUICK, Window OnLine, Auckland, 2004
              Shown: as website installation


Project Interlayers

The project is compatible only with Windows computers that are running Internet Explorer due to a number of scripts it uses that are not fully supported in other browsers and platforms. The Interlayer will not interfere with a page that implements them for users of other browsers and platforms, who can still view the text on each of the following pages if not the Interlayer.

Each Interlayer is accompanyied with a non-discussion that relates it to the rest of the project. I encourage visitors to note that the conceptual component of the project is only realised when people include the HTML code of the Interlayer in the code of their own website. Please read my Call for Collaboration.

Oblivion (0.1 kb)

A state of obliviousness,
Or indifference.
Remapping the paths of the city landscape.


Muscae Volitante (2.2 kb)

A defect in the lens,
Flying Flies.


The Girl's Blouse (11.3 kb)

A network in a 60s frock,
... Jungian synchronicity
    in Pattern-making,
Making connections.


Call for Collaboration

  1. Visitors are invited to include the Interlayers into the pages of their own website by copying and pasting the particular HTML code of the Interlayer into the code of their webpage to make it surface on their shopfront. The code for each Interlayer can be found on their respective pages.
  1. I am seeking institutions or individuals who would be interested in incorporating similar works into their website in an installation manner. The Interlayers would explicitly engage with the designed interface of the individual website they were made for as facades to the website architecture. Interested parties can e-mail me .